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There are many ways to customize your experience with a personal trainer because there many stages in fitness health. Whether you are looking for form guidance, someone to hold you accountable, a regimen consultant, or motivational competition in a workout buddy, there is definitely a program below that will fit your individual needs.



One on one personal training gives you the undivided attention you need. Focusing on form and motion this option is great for those that need extra direction and flexibility in their schedules. This option can be done at your home gym, outside, or Lean On Me mobile location.


A healthy employee is a loyal employee. Fitness options for those that are looking to strengthen the body and mind of the office. Options include a group or time block request in an office setting or back lot - either before, during, and after work hours.



Two or more people that together want to work out and learn about physical fitness should choose this option. Your workout partner can be a friend of your own, or you can be paired by Lean On Me with someone with similiar goals and targets to challenge your competitive side.



This option is for a self-driven person that wants a one-time consultation breaking down the do's and dont's for a set goal period. This includes a face-to-face personalized written plan with exercises, form direction, time allotment, goal setting, nutritional direction, and machine instruction.



This is just ike the face-to-face personal planning option, only via the phone. This option is also for a self-driven person needing the do's and dont's. This includes an over-the-phone personalized written plan with exercises, form direction, time allotment, goal setting, and nutritional direction.

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